Corinne&Lars, Switzerland, Brienz

It was the most remarkable wedding of the year, not only because it was in Switzeland, near Breinz, with spectacular views of the Mountains and Lakes, in Grand Hotel Geisbach…We'd begun our conversation with the bride in about 6 months before the wedding and were keeping in touch with each other for all the time.We had a lot of calls and texted to each other … so, when I finally saw the bride I had an amazing feeling that I knew the bride for many years before! I was surprised by the fact that the guys didn't work with the agency at all, they were working under the preparation for the wedding for about 1 year by themselves and I felt so nice about that! The wedding looked amazingly beautiful and the atmospher in this Castle/Hotel was like a magic, so positive and friendly!After the ceremony in an ancient church, the guests met for the little pre-party with champagne. After the group portrait, there was a brake for an hour to change the dress to the evening one.And, the "Ball" has begun: Jazz, Candles, White Whine, Nice Views and Many Many Positive guests of this wedding !I would like to notice again that your friends, make your wedding ! After the wedding, the parents of Corinne were so polite that they made an offering that I could not abandon of.They helped me to get to the closest city by their car through the mountains with sightseeing views, to the closes city, which I planed to visit and afterwards, invited me to stay in their house in Zurich,and that was inly 10% of my Memories from this wonderful Trip

And this is my small video, which i made during location scouting, around hotel.